Sunday, September 30, 2007

Travel Plans

We are working on getting our tickets and plans together for travel this week. We plan to leave Thrusday morning, arriving in Hong Kong on Friday afternoon. On Sunday afternoon we will take the train up to Guangzhou, about 1 1/2 hours north, where we will check into the Victory Hotel, the same place we stayed on our first two trips. We should meet Janelle on Monday sometime. Things will probably be up in the air until we actually get there, because the whole first week of October is a holiday for them, so nothing else can be planned until they get back to work. We'll just be flexible and go with the flow.

Have some last minute shopping to do, a few things to get for Janelle yet, and then want to make it all fit in two suitcases. We are hoping to pack pretty lightly so that we don't have to deal with a lot of luggage.

Stayed tuned for more......


Anonymous said...

Hello! Jen here and we too are flying out Thursday to Beijing and then Monday to Nanjing. Hope your travel goes well and we see eachother at some point.

Jen and Christopher

Robin said...

AS I read your blog I have tears of happiness for you and Richard. Of course, I knew all this was going on, but just reading it gives me a chance to celebrate with you and makes it a bit more real since I am so far away from you. I know this is a joyous time for you. I hope you guys enjoy your time alone in Hong Kong. I can't wait to hear details of your "gotcha" day. Janelle is one lucky little girl to be blessed with you for a mom. I know God has blessed you with these children as well. And I can say, we are blessed by Taylor and Lianne in our lives and I can't wait to meet my new neice. I love you all!