Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Friends came over tonight and we made pizza. MinMin was embarassed by all of the attention, but enjoyed herself anyway!


Donna Johnson said...

Happy Birthday, MinMin!! You are a teenager now! You looked so pretty on your birthday. We can't wait to meet you some day. Say hi to LiAnne, Taylor and Lancy for us! (Loved seeing your new house in the background!)

Love, from the Johnson Family in Portland

Paul and Jackie said...

Happy Birthday, Min Min!!!!! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Please know there are alot of us who are so happy for you! I love looking at pictures of you with your new family. They look like so much fun! Hope you enjoyed your day! You are a special young lady!

Jackie in Texas

Velma said...

Happy Birthday, Min Min!! We love you and all your brothers and sisters. You look very happy, and good job on trying out Spanish!! We can hardly wait to see you in person!!

Love from the Sou family: Vung Chan, Velma, and Joe

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Min Min! What a wonderful birthday you must have had - and also a bit overwhelming for you being it's your first with your new family. What a lucky young lady you are. Hugs. Marie

Robin said...

I love you little niece. I hope you got the card I sent you. I can't wait to meet you in person. You look beautiful in your pictures.
Love, Aunt Robin