Friday, December 14, 2007

New Blog

I have decided to make my life a little easier, and just post to one blog, rather than to two. Since Janelle MinMin is home (and washing dishes right now, after asking Why? she has to do them tonight) I'm going to only post to my family blog. You are all invited to check that blog for news of MinMin, as well as our other 6 kids.

Please check in often, and continue to leave comments when you have visited. You, in the adoption community, as well as my family, have been a great encouragement and help to us in this journey, and I hope that you will stay in touch!

A View Through My Window

can be found at:

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Ping said...

Just finished reading this blog of yours. You guys are amazing! I was so lucky to be part of your magical journey.
I'll continue to read the others and always be looking forward to knowing how you’re doing.
Thank you and all the best to you all.

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Anonymous said...

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