Friday, July 27, 2007

An update from China!

Another day of working on the house---just when I think that all of the painting is done, we find something else for me to do. Today it was the stairs going down to the basement.

Checked my email when we got home and found that we had a note from our agency--the long awaited update from China. Three new pictures of Janelle, and her height and weight, as well as a note telling what she is doing. I'm really glad for the new pictures, as I'm not sure that I would have recognized her. Her hair has been cut quite short (like a boys, said Taylor). Her height is 54 inches and her weight 64 pounds---a bit bigger than I figured from the last report we had (over two years old). I'll have to run out tomorrow and exchange the two outfits that I bought last week for one size bigger. But now that I have an idea of size, I can buy her more things!!

The report says that she is on summer vacation, and will start 5th grade when school starts again. I bought a number of used 4th grade school books recently, so I think those will be a good place to start---once she learns English. It also says that she likes to help with the younger kids and is outgoing.


Lois said...

Janelle is so beautiful! I just can't wait for you to bring her home!

Lois O'Brien
owner clubfootadoption

Paul and Jackie said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Janelle looks really grown up in the new pics! She looks like her hair is REALLY thick. Tell Taylor it will grow fast!! :) Glad the update says she is doing well. Good that she is good working with younger kids! She should fit right in! The next pics I see, I am hoping to see her REALLY smile! Would melt my heart! Congrats!

Jackie W.

Charlotte said...

So excited you got an update ! She is so beautiful, can't wait to follow you to China !
I would love some pics and update of my Rachael !


Robin said...

Congrats on the update. I also can't wait to see a smile on her face! I know she will have one very soon! Love, AUnt Robin