Thursday, August 9, 2007

God's Timing Will Be Best

Here we are at day 77 of the LOA wait. Though I am not overly anxious about the wait this time around, I still find myself doing the calendar shuffle, wondering when we will travel. LOA's arrived on Monday of this week, and were received by those who were LID up until May 17th. Of course, there are always those who fall in to these dates, but are still waiting. Our LID is 7 days from the 17th (24th) so we SHOULD be included in the next batch, which MIGHT arrive on Monday, the 20th, or some time close to that date. Those with our agency who received their LOA's last month, are now on day 29 of the wait from LOA to TA, so if we would get our LOA on the 20th, that might mean TA around the 17th of September. So, that brings us up to the Chinese holiday of October 1-7, and means that we couldn't leave for China until the 5th or so of October--a bit later than we had hoped. Another complication during the month of October is the Trade Fair in Guangzhou, when prices for hotels there go from $60 to $300--obviously we won't be staying in Guangzhou during that time. So, right now our best guess is travel after the holiday, maybe leaving the 5th or so of October, and staying out of Guangzhou with travel into the city for appointments.

Of course, all of this speculation is just that.....and doesn't mean a thing until we have the LOA, then TA, then tickets.


Charlotte said...

Yah Starla !

Isn't it exciting to know you are near the finish line !!

Can't wait to see you get her !


Anonymous said...

Starla -

Just checking in to see where you were in the timeline - hope your LOA comes this week! I've heard the average is now 81 days.

Can't wait to follow your journey!

LOA day 41 for XingSu(12) Anhui