Sunday, August 19, 2007

Could This Be the Week??

We are now at the 87th day (Sunday) of our wait for our LOA. I heard this week that 83 days is average, so we have moved past the average. Tomorrow will be two weeks since the last large batch of LOA's arrived, and they do tend to come every two weeks or so, so maybe we are in for another batch to arrive this week.

Two families with our agency have been waiting for TA for almost 6 weeks now, and were told that a package is on its way from China to the agency and should arrive Monday or Tuesday. I'm praying that their TA's will be in it, since they have waited soooooo long, but would be more than happy to see my LOA there too!!

The LOA will be sent by DHL to us here in Mexico. We will pick it up in the city, since it takes an extra three days to deliver it out to our pueblo. That way we can also send it right back to the agency the same day, and they can return it to China. LOA stands for "Letter of Acceptance" where we have to sign saying that we do accept the referral of our daughter.

Once that is back in China, it will be anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks until we have TA--or travel approval.

Stay tuned for news of the LOA's arrival.........

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Charlotte said...

Starla !

I can feel it in my bones girl ! It is coming !!!!