Monday, August 20, 2007

Not Today, But Theres Still Hope

I was hoping for a phone call this morning, as I knew that a package was arriving at our agency....but it wasn't to be. Two phone calls were made, to the two families who had been waiting so long for their TA's. I was very glad to hear that they had that important document. They are now in the midst of making plane reservations and the myriad of details that come with TA.

I was definately disappointed not to get a phone call this morning, but a sweet little angel bird just gave me a bit of information. She let me know that there is another package on the way from Beijing to our agency, and it should arrive on Wednesday. So, hope is not lost for this week yet, and I'll be sitting by the telephone again on Wednesday morning!

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Charlotte said...

Come on LOA ! Come on LOA !!!!