Monday, October 8, 2007

5 hours down

...and MinMin has finally stopped crying. Actually, the hotel called and asked what the problem is, so someone had complained to the desk about the crying. I called and asked our guide to talk to her. Connie talked to MinMin on the phone, then came over and talked to her again. She has finally stopped crying, at least for now. When Connie asked her if she would like anything, she asked for water, but did not drink any when I gave it to her.

We know that she just needs time, and we are not worried at all about the crying, but it sure is hard when we can't just talk to her and make her understand anything. I hope that we can get her to bed and she'll sleep through the night, and feel better when she wakes up.

Richard went out and ordered a pizza from Papa John's. Not what we had wanted for dinner, but we couldn't leave the room yet, so that was the easiest. We missed breakfast because we slept in too late, then missed lunch because Richard was in line for 2 hours at the bank to change dollars into yuan.

Stayed tuned.....


Robin said...

So glad she has stopped crying. Did she eat any pizza? We love you and are praying for you. Can't wait to hear more and see some pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Starla! Keep your head up high...things WILL get better!!! Lauren (Jin Fen) grieved HARD when we were in China last month, but as soon as we arrived home it stopped and she is doing great. I have been told that it is much better for the children to grieve early is normal and a blessing, but it is hard on the family around them who loves them. In her heart, Janelle knows that you love her and will always care for her. Time is the key! Enjoy the rest of your time in China and take lots of pictures.
Sara Kleiner

Journey2LilyRose said...

I'm glad Janelle stopped crying. I hope she is feeling better.

Lisa (AH)

Mirjam said...

Hi Starla,

So glad Connie (our guide in Guangzhou as well, she's great) could calm her down a little.

Hang in there, sending good vibes from the Netherlands,
Mirjam Lambooij (Shenzhen Yahoogroup)