Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Few More Pics


Robin said...

Great Photos - They posted twice so I deleted the second set before anyone posted comments. Hope that's OK. Love, Rob

Anonymous said...

Hey mom,
The pictures with the flowers look awesome! I stayed the night with Mel and Kendall. I slept in LiAnne's bed and she propped her feet up on me all night. She actually got up before Taylor this morning. They are both doing good, watching cartoons with Kendall right now.
I have several midterms next week. I stayed up studying for those last night. :/
Thanks for posting the pictures.
Love you, AJK

DawnS said...

I'm so glad that things are going better. I have been following along and praying for you!

Dawn S

Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

It is so wonderful watching Janelle come out of her shell through your blog.

Shannon B in IL

Anonymous said...

There is definitely a hint of a smile in a couple of these pictures! I am so encouraged to hear that MinMin is getting more comfortable and open with you. I continue to lift you all up in prayer.
Laura Holmes (AH)

Donna Johnson said...

Wow, thanks for all the photos. They are beautiful. MinMin will have a great album. So glad to hear/see that she is happier. I would have enjoyed the silk factory with you. (No strollers this trip!) One of these days, Starla, we will see a photo of you and MinMin and smiles!
We are praying for you all night (since you head to bed as we are getting up!)
Praise the Lord for His answers.
Love, Donna

Kate said...

It is so nice to see things getting better every day. We are adopting a 9 year old girl from China, hope to travel by the end of the year. A friend sent me your blog and I wanted to thank you for sharing your journey.

Melodee said...

Well we have had a busy day, ran a couple errands before we went to Toys R Us. Both spent about an hour trying to decide what to buy. Taylor ended up with a firemans hat and gear, LiAnne got princess dress and wand. We ahve been playing in the yard all afternoon. Now we are learning how to play Hungry, Hungry Hippo. It is alot louder than I remember. Hope you have a great day. We love you, Kendall, Mel, Taylor and LiAnne

Shawnstribe said...

What a beautiful young lady....
i can see a difference already, peace perfect peace....even in the storm you will remain unshaken
love from the uk