Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning in Hong Kong. We looked out the window of our hotel, and knew that there was no way that we could find a church out in all of those buildings, so we thought that we would just walk around in the park next door.

I was waiting in the lobby as Richard ask a question at the desk, and spotted a sign that said, "Asia Christian Assembly" Ennglish church service, and pointed to a room off the lobby. I walked over to check it out, and found that there was a small group meeting there, so we decided to join them. It is a new church, just started in January, led by a man from Scotland, and his Chinese wife, from Hong Kong and Seattle. We enjoyed the service, songs in English, sermon in English translated into Chinese. God was good to us, and when we didn't know where to find a church, He had one right there in our hotel!

After church we left the hotel, took a local bus to the bus station where we found the bus to the border with Shenzhen, transfered to the metro where we actually got to the border crossing, crossed into mainland China, and then took the train to Guangzhou. We had no problems finding our way. Richard had a map, had asked a few people the best way to get to Guangzhou, and we were off. The train went through the city of Shenzhen, where Janelle is, so we were able to get a first look at where she has lived. It is a HUGE city. She will be in for a bit of culture shock when she get to our small town of Bernal!

Once at the Guangzhou train station we found a taxi that took us to our hotel, the Victory, same place we have stayed twice before. Now we feel that we are back on familiar territory. We had dinner, called Taylor and LiAnne, and were able to see them with the web cam. That was fun, and it was good to know that they are doing fine. They have been busy. We also got to talk with Caleb, Rose and the grandkids by web cam, and Amanda by phone. Hopefully tonight we can get Matthew and Lancy on the phone.

Talked with our guide, Connie, tonight as well. She gave us instructions on how to arrive at Civil Affairs tomorrow at 1:45. That is an hour earlier than we had been told before. She said that there are 58 families meeting their children tomorrow, so she arranged for her group to meet an hour earlier so that there won't be so much confusion.

Please be praying for Janelle during your day today. We don't know what she knows, what she is thinking in these last hours before her life changes, but we do know that it must be scary for her. Pray that God will comfort her, even before she knows who He is.

Pictures are of the view out of our Hong Kong hotel window and the church group we met with. I am having no problem getting on to post to this sight, but I can't actually pull up the blog to read it or to see if there are any errors, so bear with me!


Donna said...

Loved the blog and photos. Waiting to see the photos of Janelle. Great beginning to her scrapbook! We are praying for you!!

Charlotte said...

Starla !

58 families ! How exciting, Shamian Island will be full !
My friend Bekah is there too, she is getting her son, Carlow at 200pm ! She has two chinese daughter and hubby with her, hope you meet them !

Good luck !