Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday in Beijing

MinMin is a typical teenager, in that she doesn't like to get up early, and is not a morning person. It takes a couple of hours in the morning before we see a smile.

This morning was no different, and our pictures in downtown Beijing, in front of the Forbidden City are in the "no smile zone". We had wanted to walk through Tiananamen Square, but it was all closed off today, and surrounded by soldiers. By asking here and there, we found out that President Hu was there today. We had heard yesterday that the Communist Party was holding meetings here in the city. Haven't read any news for a few days, but I'm guessing that that was why the area was all closed off. I did get to take a picture of the same Olympic countdown sign that we saw last trip. It is now about 1000 days less until they start than last trip.

We took the metro across town, then took a taxi, and arrived at the Summer Palace--a place we hadn't visited on our last trip here. It is a beautiful spot, and we enjoyed our walk around it. In the afternoon we did some shopping in the back allies of the city where we had shopped last trip. One shop owner said she would sell everything "cheap" because they were closing down the area in a few days. Everything was being torn down and rebuilt for the Olympics. Her idea of cheap wasn't very cheap, but Richard was pretty persistent in the bargaining, and we were happy with the prices by the time we left. Actually, prices are much higher than they were three years ago. That was ok, as our suitcases are already full!

We are in the hotel now, suitcases all packed, ready to go. MinMin understands that we are leaving in the morning. As ready as we are to get home, we also realize that she is leaving home. It will probably be a hard morning for her.

It sure is hard not being able to communicate. We would love to be able to know what she is thinking and feeling. Hopefully she will be able to share that with us some day. Just when we think we are communicating--we aren't. She wanted to know if she should wash out her clothes tonight, and I thought I told her no, we are leaving tomorrow, we have clean clothes for tomorrow, and the rest we will wash when we get to Missouri. Next thing I know, she is in the bathroom, washing out her clothes! So, since they won't dry overnight, we now have wet clothes to pack. Oh well.....


Melodee said...

Can't wait to see you, I will be by after work on Wednesday, I know you will be tired on Tuesday night. I'm sure Kendall will see you Wednesday morning. We are praying for an uneventful trip to the airport and flight. Love you, Mel and Kendall

Anonymous said...

Starla, Richard and MinMin,

It's been a joy to follow you on your journey through your blog. Even with the ups and downs, it's been cool. I know you all are looking forward to coming home, but I can't help but to think about MinMin.

Everything she has ever known in her small amount of years here on earth is about to become history. I know you all will help her adjust, but just putting myself in her shoes, I would be scared to death! Literally! I hope her transition is much better than all of us think.

Slowly but surely things will come to her. I'm sure of that. I pray you guys have lots of patience with her and even more to come. Both of you guys will need it.

The best thing is, in two years, (if that), you'll look back and hopefully laugh about all the stuff MinMin and y'all went through! :O)

WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna be the first to say that! Welcome home guys! I pray the jetlag is little and your time change is quickly taken!

MinMin? Ni Hao from the USA!


sb said...

Your journey has been incredible and you guys are the best! It is amazing the debth of patience that you have found. It was so exciting and heart warming to see that picture of MinMin smiling. I hope your journey home is uneventful and that smile becomes your daughter's constant companion.

Kate & Crew said...

My prayers are with your family as MinMin leaves her first country, as you travel, and for the reunion of your family here in the U.S. Thank you for sharing your journey!


Robin said...

I can't wait until you get home even though I won't get to see you. I can't even imagine what MinMin is thinking about all that is happening to her. Maybe Molly will be able to shed some light on that for all of us. I am fervently praying that tomorrow MinMin will be ok with leaving and look forward to an adventure ahead that she can't even imagine. I love you Starla. Travel safe. Call me as soon as you feel up to it.

nolablossom said...

I've been following your journey and really enjoy reading your blog. Hope you have a safe trip home and that MinMin adjusts well to her new family and country!

Debbie Tsoukalas said...

My prayers are with MinMin. The only control she has in her life is washing out those clothes. Everything has been so topsy turby. I'm so glad that you have been so patient. I have learned so much about parenting from your blog, thank you. God Bless you and your family! I will check in to see updates if you continue.

Anonymous said...

Praying for a safe trip home! PLEASE email me if you have any questions or if I can help in any way! My daughter Sarah 12yr old would be happy to talk to Min Min once she gets home. Does she speak Manderin? Hope you will continue to post so that we can follow Min Min's journey in America!
Linda T

Anonymous said...

I have truly enjoyed following your journey to get MinMin. I'm sure it will be difficult for her to leave her home - but in time she will adjust and feel like USA is her home. You both seem very patient which is what she needs right now. I'm sure she needs to hang onto her clothes - to wash and wear them - it's the only control she has right now. That will change... Hope you continue to post after you get home so we know how you are all doing. Welcome home! Marie