Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hong Kong

We had a good visit in Hong Kong. The city was big 30+ years ago when I first visited---it is bigger now! The tall apartment buildings just go on and on and on.

We headed towards The Peak first thing Saturday morning, after sleeping until 2:30am, getting up and having coffee and a granola bar, then sleeping again until 6:00. As we rounded the corner downtown, heading towards the Star Ferry to go over to Hong Kong, we spoted a ship name that we knew--Doulos. It is the OM ship that travels the world selling books and sharing the Gospel. It wasn't open yet for visitors, so we decided to get back in the afternoon in time to visit.

Took the ferry over to the island, went up to the peak, took a boat ride out to an island, did all of the touristy types of things. We met a man as we stood in line for the bus to the Peak with a Doulos cap, and he invited us for a tour in the afternoon if we would ask for him by name.

Gary has been on the ship for about 6 years now, and gave us a great tour, followed by dinner with the team. We were amazed at the number of people visiting the ship.


Journey2LilyRose said...

Hey Starla,

Glad you are having a smooth trip so far. We can't wait until you meet Janelle.

I will be checking daily. We wish you and your family all the best.

Lisa (AH)

Robin said...

Can't wait until tomorrow. Want to hear all about your gotcha.
Love, Robin