Monday, October 8, 2007

Tuesday 1:00 pm

We did the adoption paperwork this morning, and Janelle is officially a Kull now. Not that she is happy about it. She has cried all morning, refuses to have anything to do with us, and is just miserable. Once back in the room Richard went out to get some food, and the orphanage worker stayed with us in the room. She ran away down the hall at one point. The hotel staff are wonderful, and very helpful. They talked to her and helped get her back to the room. About a half hour later Mr. Pong, from the orphanage, left. A few minutes later MinMin dashed to the window, and climbed out before I could stop her. I was afraid she would jump over the balcony. I called for help out the door, and the hotel staff came to help. I called our guide, who called Mr. Pong back.

So, we have now moved to a room without a window. Connie, our guide, came, and just took MinMin out to lunch, since she hasn't eaten since yesterday morning. Richard brought lunch back an hour or so ago, but we've kind of lost interest in food for now.

I know that MinMin is just scared and doesn't understand what is going on. Please pray for calm for her, and that we can hang in there for a few more days while she gets used to us a bit.


Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you patience and peace. And for MinMin, I hope your love is able to penetrate the fear soon.

Laura Holmes

Anonymous said...

Holy Lord God, Jiang Min Min is very frightened and scared. She is
grieving her foster family and losing the only family she has ever
known. Lord, her heart and instincts tell her to run, to escape.
Dearest Lord, please place your hand upon her heart and still the fear
and soothe the aching, sobbing pain insider her. Help her breathing to
slow down and her mind to relax. Lord, I know this is a miracle and
asking a lot, but allow Min Min to hear and to understand the words
that Starla and Richard are saying to her. Light in her a glimmer of
hope and a vision of safety and tie that hope to the people she sees
around her in the room. Help her to see that they care for her and
that she will be deeply, intensely safe with them. Lord weave today
the threads of a deep and abiding love between Starla, Jiang Min Min
and Richard so that, no matter what, they will know you are with them,
and all will be well. We ask all these things, Lord, in your most holy
and life giving name. Be with them through the days to come and
through the nights, so that waking or sleeping, they will know you are
there. Amen.

Vicky Long said...

I am praying for you and your family right now. I know you are so worried for MinMin. Please remember that God is with you and her and he will see you thru this.

Vicky Long

Dan Johnson said...

Richard and Starla, we love you and are praying for you and Min Min. Jesus has felt everything that you all are feeling and is with the three of you each step you take and each tear that is shed. Jesus loves you this I know, for the Bible tells me so, little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong, yes Jesus loves you, yes Jesus loves you, yes, Jesus loves you, the Bible tells me so. God's love will cast out the fears. We are waiting on the Lord with you.

Chelley said...

my heart is so sad for MinMin... I hope that she will be able to get though this.....

Tammy said...

I am think of your family! We have communicated by email about the children we were adopting. Please continue to have patience and love. MinMin needs to feel it 100% so she will let her guard down. I am following your journey (with ours coming soon Oct 26th for Chunyu) I am going to follow in your foot steps...staying calm and loving, knowing the pain they are feeling! Take strength from each other and keep loving MinMin!

Thank you for showing us it is NOT always easy but it is a job of a parent to take the good and bad times!

Journey2LilyRose said...


Connie is wonderful and I am sure she will try to help Janelle as much as she can. She was our guide when we went to get LilyRose.

I am praying Janelle finds peace and happiness.

Stay strong.

Lisa (AH)