Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Little Break

We think that we have the first little break......

It has been another long afternoon of crying, no, more like wailing. Richard was getting desperate, and began trying to get her attention by being silly with her, to no avail. He then took the digital camera and handed it to her and had her take a couple of pictures. She actually took a couple. It was the first response that we had seen from her. I took out the watch I had brought her, and though at first she said no, she let me put it on her arm. Next I got out the Uno game, passed out cards to all three of us, and she picked them up! We played about 6 games of Uno with some sniffels, but at least no crying.

After Uno, we turned on cartoons on the TV, and she has been watching for about 1/2 hour now, without crying. She still refuses any food or water.

We are very encouraged, and are hanging in there. We are both tired, and I took a litle nap while she was watching TV. It's only 6:45, but I feel like I could use a good sleep.

If she can make it another hour, I think that she will be ready to sleep for the night. I think that I will just make her a bed on the floor again, and once she is asleep we will put the suitcases in front of the door again so that she can't escape easily in the night. But, I think that she must be tired enough that she should sleep all night again.

Thanks for praying. A few people suggested singing to her. We did that, and it was pretty funny. She covered her ears and wailed a bit louder. So much for our voices!

We are certainly not giving up! I think that once she gets through her grief, and realizes that we are around for good, she will be a fine. I think that she is already beginning to realize that we aren't as bad as she first thought. lol


Stefanie said...

Bless you all for persevering during what has to be an incredibly difficult time!! You both are incredibly inspiring! May this 'break' in her grieving continue and hopefully soon you'll see her beautiful smile :)

Kate & Crew said...

My heart is so sad for Janelle Min Min and I am so happy to see a glimmer of a breakthrough for all of you in this difficult time. My prayers are with your family for continued strength, for you to all stay well physically and mentally during the challenging days to come, and for Min Min to soon realize the love you have for her and the stability you can offer her. Take care of yourselves.


Journey2LilyRose said...

Thinking of you Starla often during the day. I hope that Janelle's heart starts to heal and that she knows that you love her and will always love her.

I am praying for you and your family.

Lisa (AH)

Anonymous said...

So glad our suggestions to sing were so effective! Sorry! LOL! Laurie

Meg said...

Hey! Uno helped us too!! Making it out of China will be half of the battle. I wonder if they sell disposable cameras in China? We gave Louis a disposable video camera and it kept him absorbed for hours. (We were bummed when he deleted it all before we had time to develop it!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Glad to hear that!

Can't wait to play UNO with her someday.


Anonymous said...

The disposable video camera is a great idea. Something new is all her own in this new world. This has to be such a difficult time for you all - prayers are with you.