Saturday, October 13, 2007


We had a good day today. We started by meeting Nancy downstairs at 9:30 to go to the Reed Flute Cave. MinMin had never been in a cave before, and she thought that was fun. Richard has been letting her take pictures with the camera, and she took lots in the cave. We had just started through the cave and Nancy met another guide who she knew. He had a family from Indonesia with him. The grandparents only spoke Indonesian, he spoke with them. Their children lived in Australia and Hong Kong, and a couple of the grandchildren only spoke English, so they tagged along with us to hear what Nancy had to say in English.

From there we went over to Elephant Hill, a rock formation that looks like the elephant with his trunk. It is a famous place that she would have seen in her school books. MinMin really got into the picture taking there, so I will post plenty of pictures. She also let us take her picture, actually standing still and almost smiling.

Lunch was in a local noodle restaurant--the 5 of us had a bowl of noodles and drink for about $3. They were quite good.

We are now back at the hotel, resting up. MinMin really enjoyed looking at her pictures on the computer. She then accepted a piece of chocolate candy--we have been offering them for days, but she always said no. She then reached over and took another on her own. She is teaching Richard how to count money. She continues to be really happy with her glasses, not letting them out of her sight, cleaning them all of the time. She actually laughs out loud at the TV now. She continues to come out of her shell.


Robin said...

Starla, This is such good news. Seems like getting out of town has been good for her. Maybe you should shop for a camera for her for Christmas while you are there. I know I sure love mine. I'm so glad she is opening up to you guys. I do see a sile wanting to emerge in her photos. Love and miss you!

sb said...


I am following and reading with such interest. You guys are magnificent! You are letting her open like the flower that she is. All good wishes to you and the family.


Ladyblog said...

So glad to see your little butterfly emerging...