Friday, October 12, 2007


MinMin just came to me and wanted help getting the water the right temperature for a shower. She actually looked me right in the face and talked to me! I consider that quite a break through! She was so pleased that her own clothes are dry, and she wants to put them on. That is fine by me. We are going out to dinner at Nancy's in a bit, and she knows that, so she wants to be ready.

Mom, I don't know what time we will be back, so don't know if I will call before the kids are in bed. Nancy asked how you are doing, and says hello. She wanted to know all about how Ba An Ning is doing and see his pictures.


Chelley said...

one small step for MinMin but one huge leap for moms heart!!

Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

What a break through! LEt's hope they continue in a forward pattern for you! Your fmaily is still in our prayers!

Shannon B in IL

Melodee said...

She looks so cute in her glasses. Maybe she is like her Aunt Robin and cousin Valene shorts and t-shirts, a tomboy. Guess we will have to make another trip to the resale shop. I'll try to find a couple more 1/2 off cards. We love you guys. Mel and Kendall

Robin said...

Hey, nothing wrong with a tomboy! She looks so cute wuth her glasses on. I'm s excited for you that she is moving forward bit by bit. It won't be long. I can't wait to hear how she likes it when you tour the country she has grown up in. We're still praying for you. Lots of love coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ma, dose she speak Manderin or Cantonese? because she is from a Cantonese Province isn`t she?

When did they tell her that you were going to get her?


kpollinger said...

Starla - Thank you for the updates - we're all back here following you guys so closely. It's wonderful to read about the little breakthroughs. I hope the change of scenerie brings you more of them.

Lois said...


How encouraging! I am sure each day will get better and better! By the way, MinMin is just so pretty! I agree that the glasses make her look very sophisticated!

Lois O'Brien

Donna Johnson said...

Hi Richard and Starla!
So exicting to get up this morning and see all you've written! Thanks for giving us so many details. I loved the photos, especially the one of Richard and MinMin. Tell her we think she looks great in her glasses!
Must have been fun to see Nancy again and to have her ask about Taylor.
Thanks for all the good news. We will keep praying here in Oregon. Love you!

Charlotte said...

Sounds like progress to me ! Starla you are such a wonderful mom ! It is so good that she is eventaully doing things, trying new things, and bonding to Richard ! Wonder what the kids will think when you get home !


Mom To Six said...


Prayers still going up! It sounds like you are handling everything perfectly and she is definitely responding, although baby steps...but responding to you.

Sending you hugs!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that things are looking up. One day, the two of you will have a good laugh reading all these posts! Sounds like you are doing eveything you can to help her through this grieving. Hang in there....each day seems a little better than the one before. My family prays for yours...

D. Brown
Adopted DD from Chongqing in April 2007

Anonymous said...

Hey- still watching your progresss from Tennessee! I am so glad things are looking better! I have to say that your posts brought joy to my heart to see the progress, but what cracked me up was the account of how she wet the new clothes so she would not have to wear them! All I have to say is that my 13 year old ( DOB 2/1/94) has always been 2 steps ahead of me too- so GOOD LUCK! I personally think MinMin is BRILLANT!!!
Tennessee Mom

Stefi said...

Hey Starla,
Glad for you all and the big steps for MinMin. I love the pictures! I can see it in her eyes that she is wanting to let you in, but afraid of what she may lose. Isn't that a perfect parallel to our selfish, controlling nature. God extends to us love everlasting, mercy, grace, and an incredible life, but we want to hold on to what we know. Once we accept the Gift of Life everything changes! At first we are afraid of the change, until we understand all the Benefits of the change! I can see you extending the gift of love. She just has to receive it! She will!! I can see it in her eyes...she's just holdin' on to what she knows. Hang in there momma, that girl will be dancing in no time, enjoying the Gift of Life!!
We're praying for you!

Jackie Egan said...

So glad things are going better with Janelle. I know she will continue to come around to loving you as well. We'll keep praying.
I am a LCC mom who brought our 4 year old home from Hunan in July.
Also can you tell me where you got the song on your blog" I found love".
God Bless you all,

Anonymous said...

So glad to see that things are coming along. Our 11 yr old daughter would only sit beside and walk with my husband while we were in China. If I sat beside her she would get up and MOVE! Now I can not keep her off my lap!! IT REALLY IS HARD not to just reach out and HUG them! That will come with time....and when it does...your heart will MELT! She is opening up and that is good! Min Min reminds me so much of our girl! She is a tomboy too....absolutely NO PINK!( quick story...she (Sarah) recently had surgery on her hand and the doctor was so proud of himself because he had remembered to bring some special casting material to make her cast with....guess what color??? it was the BRIGHTEST HOTTEST PINK you have ever seen. You should have seen her EYES when she woke up and saw that thing!HA!) Sarah would have also picked out the orange and black sweatsuit! Our girl is VERY athletic and LOVES sports! I really enjoy that about her! I am still praying that you will be able to make some contact with the foster mother! Yes, Min Min may cry and it might set her back but it will be important for her transition in the long run. Our daughter knew her foster mother's phone # by heart. Once we were home we bought an international calling card and allowed her to call once a week on Friday nights for 20 mins. That lasted about 2 months and then she got "busy" and would forget to call so it became every other week. Now a year later we call about once every other month and for special holidays/b-day. Starla it is good for you to talk about her foster mother. Min Min needs to know that you are supportive of that relationship and not intimidated by it. She needs to know that you respect her foster mother and what she has done for your daughter. Later Min Min will need to know that she can love both her foster mother AND you. She does not need to pick one over the other. Sarah often felt that if she started to like me or enjoy being with me then she was being disloyal to her foster mother and therefore distance herself from me. With Lots of time and attention things will turn around. After being home about 8 months Sarah whispered to me "I never knew such love from a mother." So Starla...your time will come too!
Linda T

TheDideonGang said...

I am thrilled to see the progress you have made. As others have written she looks great in the photo with her new glasses.
I was a tomb-boy - can say still probably am, give her a few years and she will want to take more interest in herself and then the other side will surface more.
Sounds like the side trip was perfect to help her be more comfortable with you. Can't wait to hear more.
Lavonne and crew in Seattle

Tiffaney said...

Hey guys! Just a little funny story from home. Mom and dad took the kids to Incredible Pizza tonight and after they came by my work to see Tiffy. One of the regulars (my real estate agent and her husband) took them into the game room and let them play the bowling video game. Le Anne loved it and was knocking down pins left and right Taylor didn't knock many pins down but loved rolling the ball. He gave them each $20 to go and buy themselves something nice and LiAnne kept trying to give hers back but Taylor quickly said thank you and put his in his pocket. He was very proud of his money in his pocket, he kept telling everyone he had some money. It was soooooo cute. Just wanted to say hi and a quick story about the little ones. Tomorrow it's off to the pumpkin patch. Should be a fun afternoon. Love reading about your progress can't wait to see you soon. Love and prayers, Tiffaney.