Sunday, October 14, 2007


After a late computer night, MinMin slept in this morning. In the meantime, Richard and I worked out plans for what we would do this week. First, we decided that we would stay here in Guilin, and only travel to Yongshuo for a day trip. Next we decided to find a nicer hotel here. Richard went out early, and checked out a few hotels nearby, and found one just one block down the street. Once MinMin was up, we went ahead and checked out and moved. The new hotel is much nicer, and worth the change.

Next we headed up town to where we saw a church yesterday. We arrived around 11:00, and were able to buy MinMin an English/Mandarin Bible, as well as an English/Mandarin childrens picture Bible. We then joined in the worship service, and stayed for about 1/2 hour, though of course, we didn't understand anything. It was a large church, with around 250-300 people downstairs and who knows how many upstairs. We thought that it was inportant for her to see that people in her own country go to church so that she won't find it so strange when we go to church at home.

Next we wandered around town for a bit checking out deals. At one busy intersection we went down under the street through a pedestrian crossing, and somehow took a wrong stairs up, and ended up walking down the wrong street. No problem, we found a nice store that sold duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets, and we got one for the down comfortor that we bought here on our last trip.

Next stop was Pizza Hut. We do enjoy the Chinese food and noodles, but once in awhile you just need something good from home!

We have been back at the hotel for the afternoon. I had a long nap, which was very nice. For the last hour or so Richard and MinMin have been looking at pictures on the computer. She has seen lots of pictures of our other trips to China, of Taylor and LiAnne younger, of all of our other kids. She sees pictures on the computer, then looks up the sibling in the book of pictures that I brought to compare them. She really seemed to enjoy seeing the pictures. She seemed to like seeing pictures of Belle, our chihuahua, and kept looking at her. I hope she won't be as afraid of dogs as Taylor was.

She just went in to take a shower. She must have always taken showers in the early evening, because that is what she wants to do here. It was pretty funny getting the shower going today. It is a fancy one, with all kinds of jets, and it took me a while to just get the regular shower going, rather than water coming out of 5 different places. She was laughing at me as I tried to figure it out. When she was getting clothes out to change into I told Richard to try to get her to put on something new. She kept turning down the other clothes, now saying it is too cold for them. Actually, it is quite a bit cooler here in Guilin. She did seem to say that she would wear them another day. I figured that she would listen to Richard about changing more than to me at this point. We will definately have to buy jackets to wear in Beijing. I didn't think to pack anything for cooler weather, just thinking of the heat and humidity of Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

We are still waiting to hear from the foster mom. Connie said that she tried to call her last night, but didn't get an answer, so she will try again tonight.


Melodee said...

can't believe you didn't take a jacket-you are always cold. Looks like you are getting along better. Taylor is here looking at hte new pictures and LiAnne is back to sleep with Uncle Kendall. Off to Sunday school this morning. Love from Nixa

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog and am so interested in your journey! I have been to Guilin twice during my adoption trips. My last visit was with my newly adopted 8 yr old. Both times I stayed at the Waterfall Hotel- beautiful. You can watch the evening waterfall show for free every night.
Wishing you luck with the foster family connection. Both of my girls had difficult transitions from foster care. I am encouraged by MinMin's ability to express her grief and anxiety openly. My 8 year old completely masked her emotions and we are dealing with bigger issues now- 7 months later. Guilin has two large department stores and a wonderful book store that is HUGE-several floors. Ask the front desk for a city map in English if you don't have one yet.
My best,
Diane (

Bonnie Kittts said...

Everyday is better and better! I check in everyday, Starla, and think of you all often. I am happy to read each new post.
Bonnie Kitts (AH)

Tracy said...

Praise God things are a little better each day. I am so glad. We will continue to pray, and are praising God for the progress. Thanks so much for updating the blog:)

Tracy (AH too)

Linda said...

I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that things are going better. I know it will be an adjustment for some time to come, but even still, this is SOOO encouraging! My husband also took our 8-1/2 year old to a Chinese church while there in Guangzhou. We felt exactly the same way - it is important for these girls to see that we worship the GOD of all peoples and that he is not just "a western god." I just want you to know that both my husband and I are keeping your family in our prayers. He asked about you just last night and said that he has been doing some serious praying. The memory of his struggle with Joanna is still very fresh in his mind! BTW, Joanna is now (3-1/2 weeks home) starting to climb into his lap and asking him to pick her up. In the larger scheme of things, the situation is improving rapidly - a little day by day.

Sheri Hepworth said...

You are so wise to take her to church in her country! I'm so excited about her adapting to becoming a Kull!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to take her to church. Our daughter Sarah had never been to church and did not even know that Chinese word for church. She told me not too long ago "there no Jesus in China." How I wish she had been to a Christian church while in China.
Sounds like Min Min is coming around! Initially Sarah would only take instructions from my husband but that all changed once we got home and he started back to work. I remember that day ..Sarah and I were standing in the driveway watching my husband leave for work. I think we were both thinking "Please don't leave me here with her!" ha! I remember thinking what do I do?? But a year later and Sarah is like my shadow.....I promise you that if I stopped walking she would easily run into me!
Praying for you all!
Linda T

TheDideonGang said...

How encouraging to see how much progress has been made. MinMin is doing great in just this week. Think what she will be like at home in a caring and loving environment - there will be other adjustments to make - but so much more to take in as well.
It has been two months and our Taylor is making such huge strides.
God Bless,

Charlotte said...


I get so excited every day to read she is laughing and interracting ! You know it is the work of God and some awesome parents !


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