Sunday, October 14, 2007

Caleb on the web cam

Saturday night MinMin and Richard stayed up quite late chatting with Caleb and his family on the web cam. Caleb was very silly, and had funny faces, hats, ears, and such that he can put on over his face on the web cam. MinMin thought that was soooo funny. She seems to enjoy seeing the grandsons and granddaughter on the web cam, too.

Of course, she has no idea where he lives, or what time it is there. This afternoon (Sunday) she pointed at the computer and at Caleb's picture. She wanted to call him again. Caleb, be glad that we told her you were sleeping, or you would have had a phone call at 2:00 this morning.

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Tracy said...

Hello! My husband and I are hoping to travel to China in March or April to pick up our 12 year old. She has been in an orphanage her entire life. Should I ask my agency if she has a foster family? I would like to know to prepare for what you are going through now. Your strength inspires me! Congratulations on your new daughter!