Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday - Leaving Beijing

Tuesday morning Richard and I were up early, ready to get going. As usual, it was a bit of a challenge to get MinMin up and ready to go. She just didn't want to get out of the warm bed. We ran up to the corner to McDonal's for breakfast--hot cakes were pretty yummy--just couldn't handle more noodles.

Our driver picked us up at 9:00, and we were off! About half way to the airport, MinMin wanted the window down--it was a cold morning, so it was chilly, but the problem was that she was feeling a bit car sick. Since none of our kids ever got car sick I didn't have any Dramamine with me. Other than that, she seemed ok with the trip....I didn't feel like she was reluctant to be leaving.

Once at the airport I went around to a number of people who I saw holding US passports and tried to find someone who had Dramamine or some other nausea meds with them, but didn't find anything. One lady, a nurse, had some Pepto, and we thought that it might at least help settle her stomach, so we gave her one of those.

Once on the plane MinMin was very excited. She had fun trying out all of the buttons, including calling the stewardess, turning the light on and off, trying all of the music channels, etc. She was also very excited to have the window seat and be able to see out as we took off and up through the clouds. It was fun to watch her. Our flight was long, and we napped at bit here and there. She also wanted to follow our flight on the map in the magazine, and asked many times where we were. She circled our flight plan....Beijing, San Francisco, Denver, Springfield, so she would know where we were and where we were going. We actually arrived in San Francisco an hour early, where we proceeded through immigration. We were the only ones in the "new immigrants" line, where MinMin's passport was stamped and she became an American citizen. She has no idea of all of what was happening, but I was excited for her! One day she'll understand. My only regret is that we forgot to take a picture of her there.

Early in the flight I noticed that her face was all broken out, and the only thing I could figure out was that she had some allergic reaction. The only thing it seems that it could have been was the Pepto. Anyone know if there is something in that that people might be allergic to? She really didn't eat anything else that morning that was unusual. I gave her an allergy pill, and that helped the itching for awhile, until I could get to the Benedryl in my suitcase in San Francisco.

We had about 2 1/2 hours in San Francisco to kill, then boarded the flight to Denver, where we had middle seats, and she wasn't too happy that I wouldn't let her go sit by a window. It didn't really matter, though, as we all pretty well slept the entire trip to Denver. Once there, we had to cross the entire airport to get our flight to Springfield. By this time we were hungry, and I quickly bought a sandwich, and we boarded our flight without delay. Again, MinMin had a window seat, and spent most of the flight watching below. She was excited when we told her we were flying over Missouri.

In Springfield we had quite a group of family to meet us. I hurried out to give hugs to Taylor, LiAnne, and everyone else, and MinMin hung back, afraid to come around the corner to meet everyone. Caleb, oldest brother, went over to her and took her hand to bring her close to everyone. We had chatted with him and his family by web cam, and she had really liked him, so she went with him. It didn't take her long, and she decided that she liked all of the little kids who were there. Besides Taylor and LiAnne, our three grandkids were there, and she thinks they are all pretty cute. She enjoyed all of them last night.

I'll post some pictures from the airport, but need to get more from my sister--since we didn't take any pictures, and I'll post more soon from today. I'm feeling a bit jet lagged today, with a headache, but Richard and MinMin seem to be doing fine. Maybe it will hit them harder tomorrow.


Velma said...

Yippeeeee!! You all made it!!

Paul and Jackie said...

Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I just know that she will love all the kids and her new life! I can see it in her face already in the pic holding her brother's hand. :) Please keep us posted on progress and any new pics you get of her smiling and trying out new clothes!!!:)



Linda said...

So glad you're back in familiar territory. I know that when my husband arrived in Denver(after a difficult trip with a sometimes difficult 8 year old), he just felt such a burden lifting. It just felt like regardless of all the problems, things could be worked out now that he was home!

Donna Johnson said...

Oh, so glad you are home. Could hardly wait for the photos! (I remember taking the photo of Taylor just after he came through customs!) Enjoyed chatting with Caleb this morning to find out that you were here safely.

Praying for you all!
Love, Donna

Anonymous said...

What a great family! So touching to see MinMin's brother holding her hand... She is going to be with a wonderful family. Keep sending updates and pictures.

Just a grandma to a beautiful granddaughter from China who has been following your site...Marie

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME!!! Nothing feels better than being HOME! Keep us posted!
Linda T

kpollinger said...

Welcome home and congratulations!!! I have loved reading your incredible journey.

Robin said...

Welcome home. It was great to talk to you yesterday. I know things will get better and better once you get back to MX and get settled in your own home. Love you all!

Journey2LilyRose said...


I am so very happy for you and your family. I have thought of you everyday since your journey began and I have prayed for you also. I am glad you are home with your family and hope that MinMin will find peace and happiness with her forever family. She is a very lucky girl and one day she will know that.

We wish you all the best and keep the pictures coming.

Lisa (AH)

Angela Weiss said...

Welcome home! What a journey it has been for you! People who are allergic to aspirin cannot take Pepto-Bismol. So Janelle could perhaps be allergic to aspirin. Hope you come out of that jet lag fog soon... I know how hard that is!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all doing well now that you are home. How is MinMin doing? Let us know when you can - and please send pics!

Anonymous said...

Please note that there have been warnings out for about 15 years against children under age 16 taking Pepto-Bismol. It can bring on a reaction that can sometimes be extremely serious. So from here out, with all of your children and grandchildren, hand them a bag in case they are nauseous instead of Pepto.

Concerned mom of a doctor-to-be.