Friday, October 12, 2007

Back to Thursday

Thursday morning, and MinMin headed straight from bed to the bathroom. I didn't have a chance to hand her any new clothes to put on first. Once in the bathroom for awhile, I heard the hair dryer. I had a feeling that she was trying to dry her clothes, and I was right. I knocked on the door, and she opened it, and she did have her old clothes on, even though they were still wet. I gave her some clothes, and she refused, so I shook my head yes, and she took them. She closed the door, tried them on, took the shirt off, and said it was too small, or too short of sleeves, I'm not sure which. I told her to put it on so I could see it, and it was fine, so I told her to leave it on. She closed the door, and a few minutes later came out, old shirt on, new shirt all wet. She thought that if she got it wet she wouldn't be able to wear it. I said, no problem, I have another, and handed her another. She gave up and put it on. I was very calm and kind during the exchage, but insisted that she wear the new clothes.

We went down to breakfast, and she did fine, choosing the table by the window so that she could see out. Richard called, Connie, our guide, and asked if we were able to travel out of the province to Guilin, and she said yes, so we quickly packed up and moved out of the hote. We left out bags there, and joined a Harrah's family to go to the zoo. They have the guide we had last year, XiXi, so it was good to see her again. We had a nice time at the zoo, though MinMin had a sour expression on her face the whole time, and walked by Richard, and far away from me the whole time.

After the zoo, we met Connie, to sign one more piece of paper. I asked her if she had contacted the orphanage about MinMin's clothes and bookbag, and she hadn't, but she went ahead and called. They said, sorry, they didn't have anyone coming to Guangzhou in the next week. I asked them to mail things to her, and they did agree to do that, so hopefully next Friday, when we are back there, she will have received the things. I also had her ask again about pictures of MinMin when she was younger. They said they couldn't find any pictures of her, other than ones a couple of months old. I have a feeling that they are the same ones we were already given. I think it is very sad that they do not have any pictures of a 12 year old girl who has lived there pretty much all of her life. Taylor, last year, was given a book of pictures of himself from the time he was quite small, with many of his friends with him. I also told Connie to ask about talking to the foster mom, and the orphange again said it wasn't a good idea, it would only make her cry. I told him that was fine, we wanted to talk to her anyway. After insisting a number of times, they agreed to get a hold of her, see if she is willing to call, and will contact Connie with the phone number later.

We went shopping in the afternoon, bought some pearls, some DVD's in Mandarin/English, and then headed back to get our suitcases and catch the train. From there I've already written......

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Truly Blessed said...

So glad things seem to be going better.

How clever to make her new shirt wet so she wouldn't have to wear it!